Happy Camper?

When I was a kid my mom would take my brothers and me on nature walks. We were not big fans of these. My mom would bribe us with treats after we finished our hikes. The three of us enjoyed playing outside, but these activities usually involved a ball of some kind.

An Ongoing Battle

In the wake of the sudden loss of Actor/Comedian Robin Williams the issue of depression has brought itself back to the public's consciousness. We are a society that always seems to see the signs after it's too late. There will be serious talks about depression and suicide and what steps we can make to improve mental…

ERA Headaches

I grew up surrounded by baseball. I played it as a child. I learned baseball statistics without even knowing I was applying them to my own basic math and calculus skills. Batting averages, win-loss records have became so ingrained in me it all seemed so simple. That is until I tried to explain ERA to my…

A man's game

The role of women in sports and society as a whole seems to have taken three steps back in the last couple of weeks. Equality in society has always been a sort of half truth. There are still so many institutions that are considered "mens work," while if a woman attempts to break these stereotypes she is looked at…